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Ghana Declaration

Our 40 feet container has arrived in Ghana! Big thanks to all our sponsors for making this happen. House of Needy is in Ghana to declare the goods and see to it the goods will reach the right schools, institutions and communities. More info and images soon to follow.

Container load

To day we loaded a 40 feet container to Ghana! We send a huge amount of schoolfurniture pieces, computer tables, computer, second hand clothing, electronics, water containers and many more stuff. Thank you sponsors for making our mission a succes! You know who you are as you are made public from of today at the sponsor section of this website! Thank you very much. If you want to support us in our mission, please contact us. House of Needy is still in need of some finance for transportaion. Your help will be highly appreciated, especially by the (school)children of Kumasi, Yabrasso and other regions in Ghana! Thank all of you!

40 feet container for Ghana

2x 20 feet to 1x 40 feet

second 20 feet

saving more stuff…

Rose & School furntiture

Finishing the load…